Samus SSBM
Universe Metroid
Tier SS (1)

Ranked high-middle in the regular Melee Tier List, Samus is back more powerful than ever in Silly Melee. She received probably one of the biggest buffs in her bombs. She currently ranks first on the Tier List and for good reasons. This is mainly due to her extreme mobility, extreme knockback in most of her moves, great combo ability, overall fast manoeuvers and infinite recovery. Despite being a floaty character, Samus can bypass this by using her bombs, which should be used almost everytime she moves.


Samus is a heavy weight, which makes her hard to K.O. On top of that, she got a slow falling speed, which makes her great in the air. Her down aerial is very easy to set up and, being a meteor, it usually ends up KOing the target if it isn't above the stage. She has an infinite recovery, which can be used by quickly spamming her down special move. The bombs that are shot by this slowly rise her in the air while having extreme horizontal movement on Samus' part. Samus has her usual great projectiles in her neutral and side specials. The first, charge beam, can be charged in less than a second, which is extremely powerful. The later, missiles, travel very fast and aim at the target. However, both of these can be reflected, which makes Samus more vulnerable against Fox, Falco and Mario as of the high-middle tier. Her grab is very long, the longest in the game in range, but it has ending lag, so it is quite situational. Finally, Samus got great comboing ability, especially with her bombs. This is very different from the original Melee where Samus lacked combos. In Silly Melee, Samus can lay a bomb, then use an aerial move (especially neutral aerial) to send her foes in an angle that allows multiple hits and she no longer needs to grab to do so.

Received buffsModifier

Samus has received a great number of buffs during the changes from Melee to Silly Melee.


  • Most of her attacks are faster.
  • Samus got an infinite recovery. One of the very few characters to have one, the others being Mario and Donkey Kong.
  • Her air speed is insane after using a bomb.

Ground attacksModifier

  • All of her smashes are stronger.

Aerial attacksModifier

  • Forward aerial can now combo very easily.
  • Neutral aerial sends the opponents at a comboing angle.
  • Down aerial is a lot faster and is a much better meteor in general.

Grabs and throwsModifier

  • Her throws are better at comboing in general.

Special movesModifier

  • Neutral special charges in less than a second.
  • Side special goes a lot faster.
  • Down special allows Samus to gain extreme horizontal momentum.
  • Down special raises slightly Samus in the air, which gives her the option to infinitly recover.
  • Down special stays active longer: 500 frames.
  • Up special is a lot faster and the direction can be aimed.


In developpement.


  • Samus has been first since the second Tier List. The character that had her spot before was Ganondorf.